Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the lease? Do I have to sign a 6 month or 1 year lease?
At Lone Star Storage you rent by the month and pay only for the months you need the space. You are not locked into any complicated lease.


Do you accept deliveries?
Yes! If you need to have deliveries made when you cannot be here we can make arrangements to accept the deliveries for you. Contact the manager for details.


Do I need climate controlled storage space?
It depends on what you are storing. Fine furniture, antiques, artwork or clothing should be stored in a controlled climate space. The air in a controlled climates space is filtered and offers a consistent temperature. Many clients will rent a small climate controlled space for their fine items and another larger space for the rest of their belongings. It just makes sense.


Why should I rent storage space on the ground floor? Does it make a difference?
There is a huge benefit to having storage space on the ground floor. Frequently you can pull right up to the door. Loading and unloading is much easier and quicker when you do not have to deal with long hallways, stairways or waiting for your turn to use the elevator.


Why are pitched roofs important?
Pitched roofs allow the heat load in a building to be above the items you have stored, not in them. Buildings with pitched roofs tend to be much cooler in the summer months, and are less prone to leaks than a flat roof.


Why is 24 hour access important?
With 24 hour access you can move in and out or visit on your time, not someone else's. You do not have to worry about being locked in a facility after hours by an automatic locking gate.


How much space do I need?
See our unit sizes for details.

Self Storage Facility Features: What You Want


How to decide?

Self-storage facilities are not the same. There are many different features that separate them from each other. An educated consumer is the best tool for finding the facility that will meet your needs. From the street, they appear the same but ask the following questions. These questions will help you decide which facility is right for your needs.


Does the facility offer 24 hour access, 7 days per week?

Limited access can be very inconvenient for you.

Does the facility have pitched roofs or a flat roof?

Pitched roofed buildings shed the rain better and have a lower temperature inside the storage space during hot weather.

Does the facility have a NO deposit policy.

Are all of the storage spaces on ground level?

Certain facilities have second and third story space and require access through stairwells or freight elevators.

Can you pull your vehicle directly in front of the door to the storage space?

Are the office and grounds professionally managed?

Are the managers friendly?

Does the facility have surveillance cameras and computer controlled access gates?

Does the facility offer climate controlled spaces for specialty items or antiques?

Does the facility have a variety of sizes to fit your exact needs?

Does the facility accept commercial deliveries?

This is very useful for businesses and sales representatives.

The Answer is YES, if your with Lone Star Storage